Helium Gas Cylinder

Helium Gas Cylinder

Helium Gas Cylinder
  • Security per cylinder is 150,00 euro and your ID is required.
  • You can use the cylinder two days. After that the extra rent is € 5.00 per day.
  • Reservation is only possible with a deposit of the hire price. Which you can also remit via the bank.
  • Tenability of a latex helium balloon depends on the size, quality of the balloon and the temperature of the space. Balloons of ±30 cm floats in room-temperature almost 10 hours long. If you want them to stay longer than that then they have to be treat with a special gel called HiFloat. If we inflate the balloons for you with the gel-treatment then the extra price of the treatment is € 0.10 per piece. This gel (HiFloat) you can also buy in ¼ L bottle with a pump for € 45.00

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Helium Cylinder - 10L

Product no.: Helium_10L

For about 150x balloons of 30cm.

120.00 €

Helium Cylinder - 20L

Product no.: Helium_20L

For about 350x balloons of 30cm.

210.00 €

Helium Cylinder - 50L

Product no.: Helium_50L

For about 1000x balloons of 30cm size.

250.00 €

Helium filling 30cm diameter round

Product no.: HeliumVullen30

Balloons filling with Helium gas of size about 30cm diameter.

1.00 €

Helium filling 50cm diameter rond

Product no.: HeliumVullen50

Balloons filling with Helium gas of size about 50cm diameter.

6.00 €

Helium filling 70cm diameter round

Product no.: HeliumVullen70

Filing balloons of size about 70cm diameter with helium gas.

7.50 €

Helium filling for 90cm diameter round

Product no.: HeliumVullen90

Filing balloons of size about 90cm diameter with helium gas.

10.00 €

Helium filling 40cm diameter round

Product no.: HeliumVullen40

Filing balloons with helium gas of size about 40cm diameter.

3.00 €

Helium Cylinder disposable (30x balloons)

Product no.: HZ.442195

Disposable Helium cylinder for about 30x small balloons (inclusive).

39.00 €

Helium Cylinder disposable for 50 balloons

Product no.: WT.71802

Disposable Helium cylinder for about 50x small balloons.

49.00 €