Panty's and Tights

Panty's and Tights

Panty's and Tights

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Stockings Nurse - 70 den

Product no.: FN.4705N

One size

6.80 €

Garter with mini pistol

Product no.: WL.55772
4.95 €

Garter with pistol in holster

Product no.: SC.84748

Small pistol in garter.

6.95 €
Limited in stock

Garter with red sequins

Product no.: WL.55770
4.95 €
Limited in stock

Garter with nurse syringe

Product no.: SC.87072
4.50 €

Garter black/red - per 2

Product no.: SC.84749
4.95 €
Limited in stock

Tights thick

Product no.: SC.12250

Thick tights black for black jacks. In various colours.

9.95 €

Panty / Tights 70-den

Panty / Maillot. In various colors. One size XL.

5.95 €


7.95 €
You save 2.00 €

Panty - Net Panty fluor large mesh

Product no.: SC.11112

Fishnet panty in various fluor colors.

5.95 €

Panty neon with bat

7.50 €
Limited in stock

Fishnet Panty with Gemstones

Product no.: FN.4757B
7.95 €

Panty - Net with black strip

Product no.: SC.11137

Net panty

5.95 €

Panty - Net - Black - Fantacy

Product no.: SC.11139
5.95 €

Panty Net - Big holes

Product no.: SC.11125

Net panty with large holes. One size. Various colors.

6.50 €

Stockings with bow-tie

More colours
6.95 €

Panty - Pirates Skulls

Product no.: SC.11095
5.50 €

Tights Pippi - Green/Orange

Product no.: WT.46331

Pippi tights in various sizes.

7.50 €

Panty with Skeleton and Bones - One size

Product no.: FN.4786M
7.50 €
Limited in stock

Panty Panther print

Product no.: SC.11114
Panty with Panther print.


6.50 €

Panty - Net (round big holes) - Black

Product no.: SC.11113
5.95 €

Garter - Sexy (Bride To Be)

Product no.: UN.12603
2.95 €

Stockings Nurse with red cross

Product no.: SC.11157
One size
7.50 €

Stockings with bow - Britney

Product no.: SC.11199

Microfibre stockings with bow, in various colors.

5.95 €

Leggings Panty Metallic

Product no.: SC.11210

Leggings in silver and gold.

Socks - Tyrolean

Tyrolean stockings / Socks. In two colours.

6.50 €

Leggings Panther print

Product no.: SC.11272

Panty / Leggings panther print. In S/M and L/XL.

Tights Thermo Black - Piet Jack

Thermo tights black in various sizes.

12.50 €

Stockings White with white bow

Product no.: BL.02270

Stockings white with white bow. One size.

5.95 €

Panty glitter pink

Product no.: FN.2090P
Panty / Legging / Tights 40DEN.
9.50 €

Leggings Baroque print

Leggings / Panty with Baroque print in various colors.

5.70 €


7.50 €
You save 1.80 €

Panty - Net panty fluor

Product no.: SC.11070

Fluor net panty in various colours.

Socks Tyrolean / Trachten - Gray

Product no.: H-8055

Tyrolean / Trachten Socks 30% of scheep wool.

Stockings with bow - White

Product no.: H-8064

Stockings white with bow. 75% cotton. For Tyroler, Beer girl, Snowwhite, etc. In one size.

Tights thick White - Sint Nikolaas

Thick tights white for Sint Nikolaas. In various colours.

9.95 €

Stockings Nurse

Product no.: SC.11209

Nurse stockings in one size.

4.50 €

Panty microfiber fluor

Product no.: SC.11131

Panty microfiber 60 den. In various fluor colors.

Panty - Net Panty Lurex

Product no.: SC.11143

Fishnet panty in two colors. One size.

4.95 €


5.95 €
You save 1.00 €

Stockings Black with white bow and lace

Product no.: BL.87829

Stockings black with bow and lace. One size.

6.95 €
In stock

Stockings White with black bow

Product no.: BL.02271

Stockings white with black bow. One size.

5.95 €
In stock

Leg Warmers

Product no.: BL.01755

Lag warmers of wool.

Leg Warmers fluor color

Product no.: SC.13257

Lag warmers of wool. In various colors.

Socks Tyrolean / Trachten - Ecru

Product no.: H-8045

Tyrolean / Trachten Socks 30% of scheep wool.

6.50 €

Socks Tyrolean / Trachten - White

Product no.: H-8070

Tyrolean / Trachten Socks of 100% cotton.

Socks Tyrolean / Trachten - Groen

Product no.: SC.11057

Tyrolean / Trachten Socks.

9.95 €

Stockings Black with white bow

Product no.: BL.02272

Stockings black with white bow. One size.

5.95 €
In stock

Garter with red heart - Per pair

Product no.: SC.84754

Garters with heart. Per pair.

5.95 €
In stock